May 19th, 2020
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Abyss Diving Suits

Diver's Quarters began in 1995 as a full service sport/scuba diving shop and training facility on Prince Edward Island associated with Diversified Divers.

We offer diver training/lessons on PEI at all levels from beginner to expert! Students are taught various diving techniques as well as modules on exploration, conservation research, currents, marine life, and first aid.

Diver's Quarters has friendly and experienced diving instructors who put students through rigorous diving practice as well as theoretical study.

Now offering DISCOVER SCUBA courses and OPEN WATER courses. Classes start often, call to sign up for the next course.

We now offering first aid; Emergency 02.


Check us out for Abyss Drysuits! 




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Abyss Explorer Drysuit
Abyss' Explorer suit is the perfect combination of price, warmth, and durability for the...

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Weezle Compact & Extreme Undersuits
The Compact undersuit offers thermal protection, suitable for under neoprene or for warmer...

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Weezle Extreme Boots
Cold feet are a major complaint of divers. Weezle boots use the same innovative materials as...

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Aqua Lung Snorkel Kits
 Aqua Lung Snorkel kits come in assorted colours and sizes for the whole family. These durable...

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Bare SemiDry
 With exceptional water blocking features, this semi-dry includes skin-to-skin GLIDESKIN seals...

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 Progressively designed "frameless" mask brings lens closer to face for enhanced field of vision...

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Sherwood Zodiac

Sherwood Scuba's new ZODIAC BC incorporates thermoplastic polyurethane with an innovative, user...

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Blizzard SRB7900
 The Blizzard is the ideal cold water diving regulator. To develop the Blizzard Sherwood worked...
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