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For all courses please print off and complete the Medical Statement
found at PADI web site (click here)

Available Courses

Join us and learn to dive with the PADI Open Water Diver course or further your PADI education with the Scuba tune up or Advanced courses. Diver’s Quarters offers an easy to use e-learning program, allowing you to complete the knowledge development portion of the courses at your own convenience. Just click on the PADI link and follow the online registration process for your desired course. Your instructor will be able to monitor your progress online and is available to answer any question about the course or the content by e-mail, phone, or just stop in the shop!
Hope to see you in the water soon!
Padi Discover Scuba $75

Not sure if you're ready to take the plunge in to the full scuba certification course try Discover SCUBA Diving.
Your scuba instructor will spend some time going over the basic principles of scuba diving and gear .
Then you Padi dive instructor will take you into the pool and will teach you basic scuba skills.
The skills you learn in your Discover SCUBA dive experience may be credited to your full Padi open water certification.

Padi Open Water

Prerequisites To enroll in the PADI Open Diver course or Junior Open Water Diver course, you must;
  • Be 10 years or older (PADI eLearning requires a minimum age of 13 years due to international internet laws)
  • Must obtain your own set of scuba mask, snorkel, and fins (available at Diver’s Quarters for a student discount)
The courses consists of three main phases;
  1. Knowledge development - this develops your familiarity with basic principles and procedures. You complete knowledge development online at home at your own convenience. $245.
  2. Confined water dives - this is what it's all about - diving! You develop basic scuba skills in a pool. Here you'll learn everything from setting up your gear to how easily get water out of your mask without surfacing over the course of 2 pool sessions you will attend the skills you will need to dive in open water $245
  3. Open water dives - The fun part The skills you learned in the pool we will take them now to the ocean . You will complete 4 dives with your instructors over two days, usually on a Saturday and a Sunday. $180
Padi Advanced Open Water
The Padi Advanced Open water dive course will give you the tools to become well-rounded diver and to extend range of dive sites. You will extend your Depths limits get an introduction to the basics of underwater navigation and general improve your dive skills under the supervision of an experienced instructor. It is also a great opportunity for you to try something new underwater such as digital underwater photography, night diving or any other activity that might interest you.
The course consists of five open water dives
To take this course, you must;
  • Be a PADI Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification from another training organization)
  • Be 15 years old (12 for Junior Advanced Open Water Diver)
  • Have your own dive knife, dive light, and dive compass (available at Diver’s Quarters for a student discount)
The courses consists of 5 advanced dives;
  • Deep dive
  • Underwater Navigation
  • Wreck dive
  • Night dive
  • Boat Dive
Exploration, Excitement, Experiences. They’re what the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is all about. And no, you don’t have to be “advanced” to take it – it’s designed so you can go straight into it after the Open Water Diver course. The Advanced Open Water Diver course helps you increase your confidence and build your scuba skills so you can become more comfortable in the water. This is a great way to get more dives under your belt while continuing to learn under the supervision of your PADI Instructor. This course builds on what you’ve learned and develops new capabilities by introducing you to new activities and new ways to have fun scuba diving.

All students are required to have a dive knife, 2 dive lights, safety sausage and a compass which can be purchased at Divers Quarters
Online development $183
5 dives Will take place over 2 or 3 days $225
Rescue diver e-learn
Take the challenge! The Padi rescue diver course. Expand your knowledge and experience to another level because you'll learn to look beyond yourself and consider the safety and well-being of other divers. Although this course is serious in nature it is an enjoyable way to build your confidence.

While uncommon, emergencies in scuba diving do occur occasionally.
The Padi rescue diver course trains you to respond to a variety of diving related emergency scenarios. By shifting the focus from your own personal safety to the general well-being of other people in the water, you will gain greater confidence in your own diving ability while developing the mindset necessary to take your first step toward becoming a Padi dive master.
On line development $187
5 open water training dives $345 . Over 2 or 3 days
Additional Courses Offered
  • Divemaster - Please call shop for details.
  • Scuba Tune-up  store fee = $100 Prerequisites
    To take Scuba Review, you must;
    • Have a scuba diver certification or be enrolled in a scuba certification course
    • Be at least 10 years old
    The courses consists of online knowledge development session and a one on one pool sessions with a PADI instructor to brush up on your diving skills.

    Has it been a while since you’ve been scuba diving? Do you feel like your scuba skills and knowledge are a bit rusty? The Scuba Review Tune-up is just the refresher you need. It reacquaints you with diving so that you're back to feeling comfortable in the underwater world in less than a day. Brush up on your scuba knowledge and skills. Improve your diving ability, and get your scuba gear ready for your next scuba vacation or diving holiday.