AKONA Vented Hood

5MM nylon II neoprene with 3mm neoprene face seal, necm and bib. Quantum Stretch neck. AKH408 has #10 YKK zipper in back.

Aqua Lung Snorkel Kits

 Aqua Lung Snorkel kits come in assorted colours and sizes for the whole family. These durable sets include a mask, fins and snorkel. Perfect for family vacation fun!

Aqualung Thermal Flex Vented Hood

7MM HS200 high stretch neoprene cranium and 4MM bib. 4MM HS200 high stretch skin-in neoprene face seal left unbound to allopw for custom trimming. Unique vent design releases air trapped at the top of the head. Waterproof glued and blindstitched seams. Hanging loop located at top for easy drying

Elastek ColdWater Hood

7MM neoprene with FULL-STRETCH ELASTEK material for ultimate stretch and comfort. 3MM ELASTEK/GLIDESKIN trimmable face and neck seal glides. Vented to allow trapped air to escape. Coldwater glande is 3MM N1S. Hood neck seal mates with drysuit seal/collar.


 Perfect for any cold weather sport, Lavacore Thermal Wear Exposure Suits are wind and water resitant!

Safety Tube - AKT102

 Surface signal device. Bright Hi-Visibility yellow. 40" long X 7.5" circumference. Independently inflated with mouthpiece. To signal at night simply hold the AKONA light to the safety tube. Includes a 5.5" X 2.75" nylon carry bag with an easy attachable snap clip. 

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Snorkel Vest - AKSV1

 Adjustable waist and crotch strap. Hi-viz neon yellow Oral inflator.

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